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Hi everyone slwebber_coachsofficeand welcome to my blog.

 I’ve lived a full life and have been blessed with a lovely wife and am a proud parent of two daughters, a son and five grand-children. 

I love sports and football is my passion so most of the commentary on this blog will be football related. 

I own a company that builds better football software for coaches at all levels. Many NFL teams like the Steelers and college teams like Ohio State started using my software over a decade ago.

If you are not already using Coach’s Office check it out at CoachsOffice.com.

I have a degree in Computer Science from Miami University – Ohio

Having retired early from the corporate world and ventured out on my own 20 years ago I never looked back. When I started my own company my colleagues would ask me what was it like being self employed. I”d tell them it was great working half days and it didn’t make any difference what 12 hours of the day I worked.

Employeed by a Fortune 500 Steel company as a laborer and working my up way as a Senior Software Engineer offered me many opportunities and experiences that may have never come my way.

I was one of the few corporate IT professionals to own an Apple II computer when it first came out. It literally change my world and my career. My peers looked at it as a toy.  I saw it as a technological game changer.

I’ ve developed hundred of programs for the Mainframe, Apple II, Mac and Windows. The one application that I am most proud of came about by sheer accident. I had a chance meeting with an NFL coach, Bob Wylie, back in 1997. He was the OL coach for the Bengals and drew all the practice play cards for the offense. He ask if I could develop software that could automate this process and save him time each day. I told him I’d give it a try. After weeks of programming he was using my software to print his play cards and the rest is now history.

Since then tens of thousand of coaches starting using my Coach’s Office  software and I continue to improve it every year. Now I am loving life in Florida. Coaches have more quality time available to speed with friends and family by using Coach’s Office .

For more information about my career , check on my LinkedIn  account.

I also have a LinkedIn group named “Technology for Football Coaches“.

If you would like to receive an email each day that highlights important football news item then email me at slwebber@coachsoffice.com.


AkiakTvFootballOh yea, my dog Akiak likes football too. In his free time he takes me out on his boat.


God bless.



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